Outpatient Services

Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio provides confidential and comprehensive treatment services for adults and adolescents. All programs include treatment services for family members. Our continuing care programs provide ongoing support once primary treatment is completed.

Treatment is tailored to meet the special needs of each individual. Prior to admission, a comprehensive assessment of the client’s needs is completed and becomes the basis for the client’s initial treatment plan. All treatment programs include:

  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Individual treatment plans
  • Individual and group therapy and educational sessions
  • Family services
  • Introduction to community support
  • Case management as needed

Adult Services

Clients and family members are provided with a variety of treatment options through Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio. Adult services for persons with co-occurring chemical dependency and mental health diagnosis include:

  • Medication Assist treatment (MAT)
  • Assessment
  • Women’s residential treatment centers
  • Individual counseling services
  • Case Management services
  • Defensive driving course
  • Adult education program
  • Crisis IOP
  • Family services
  • Psychiatric services
  • Outpatient Substance Use / MIT groups
  • Urine Analysis Testing

The Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment model is an evidence-based program designed to improve the quality of life for people with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

View our Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment Brochure: English | Espanol

Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio offers the IDDT model in conjunction with Case Western Univeristy, which makes it possible for clients to address both mental health and substance use issues at the same time, in the same place with the same providers.

Adolescent Services

Adolescent Programs are designed specifically to address the special needs of adolescents and their parents. Adolescent services include:

  • Assessment
  • Individual Counseling
  • Outpatient mental health and Substance use groups
  • Case Management
  • Urine Analysis Testing
  • Family services
  • Programming at the juvenile detention center
  • Adolescent education program

Prevention Services

Recovery Services offers a variety of prevention services, including consultation, lectures, seminars, workshops and educational materials. Designed to increase public awareness and understanding of the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, these services are available to various groups:

  • SAMHSA approved, evidence-based school programs
  • Drug-free workplace trainings
  • Adolescent early intervention programming
  • HIV/AIDS prevention education